Olympiacos Soccer School Glyfada

Olympiacos Soccer School Glyfada

Form of Interest

Registrations have started !!! To fill in the expression of interest form or to download the necessary supporting documents, select one of the following buttons. For info 6909305323 – 6937143160 .

Form of Interest Registrations Documents


Our K12 team of Asteras Glyfadas started with a victory for 2020 ,in the official championship of EPSA.


Press Release 5-8-2019

We are pleased to officially announce our cooperation with the Football Association A.O. ASTERA GLYFADA (former Apollon Peristeriou), in the context of the participation of the development departments K12 and above, of our School.



Our goal through the guidance of experienced and scientifically trained executives and coaches is the improvement of the athlete, his well-being, his personal athletic development. This way he will have a better understanding of himself. And he will be able to take a step towards improving his social and athletic personality through the joy of playing and participating.

Proper equipment ensures proper participation and safety. As I choose the right school bag, I also have to choose the right soccer shoes.

  • I am properly preparing for the new year! I am informed about the new safe return procedures. I comply and follow the measures of the experts.
  • We are good students and responsible athletes. We return to training Wednesday 02.09.2020.

At our school we provide forms of sports nutrition and psychology in order to cover the entire range of education & development of each young footballer. Discover the 11 essential elements that must accompany the players in training !!!


Our goal is to have an academy that will operate according to professional standards. Also motivate more and more children in the field of sports, educating them in a safe, organized and functional environment and make them to love sports. By participating the child becomes a member of a group and learns to communicate equally and with rules, to participate in a common effort towards a common goal.

TOP CLASS FINISHING * In our school we score on and off the field. All together coaches & teammates, we participate in charitable, social and cultural activities! We are active citizens!

We believe in teamwork, we work together, we are a TEAM, we are a FAMILY! Become a member of Olympiacos, become part of our history !!!

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to ensure and offer to childrens a healthy sports environment. So through daily physical activity they will constantly develop and improve their mental and physical health.
Equally important is the fact that through sports the child perceives and accepts diversity and cultivates the idea of mutual respect and tolerance.

The network of Schools and the Academy of Olympiakos, do not just give you the opportunity to play with the red and whites, but at the same time to emerge at the top football level. The examples are many, the challenge great. Will you be the next? We are preparing the future !! We work hard !! We set goals and achieve them !! 20 years OLYMPIAKOS Schools
Προετοιμάζουμε το μέλλον!! Δουλεύουμε σκληρά!! Θέτουμε στόχους και τους πετυχαίνουμε!! 20 χρόνια Σχολές ΟΛΥΜΠΙΑΚΟΥ

New training methodology from the Academy to our schools for the new season 2020-2021

Taking advantage of the great work of the Technical Director of the Academy Mr. Thodoris Eleftheriadis, Olympiacos Schools under the guidance of the Head of Schools Mr. Vassilis Nanos, are once again fully in line with the training program of the Academy and the renewed methodology, demonstrating the close cooperation and parallel course between the two "red and white" axes of the development program.




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